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Australian business perspective

Category: Business

As an International Business manager for a medium size, Melbourne based IT firm you have been asked to provide a likely market entry mode for your firm’s planned expansion into both South East Asia and North America. Explain and justify the entry mode you would choose for each region.

You should incorporate relevant theories and concepts to justify your arguments in your report/essay. Remember to acknowledge your sources throughout the assignment using the Harvard referencing system. The report is to be typed and formatted using 1.5 spacing and a standard 12 point font size. It should be checked for spelling, consistency and clarity of expression.
Your report should incorporate at least 10 different references.
These can be sourced from the following:
• Academic articles
• Relevant textbooks
• Periodicals
• Newspapers
• Relevant online sources
The 10 references need to be evenly balanced between these five resource options. Examples of all these reference options are detailed in the unit outline in Resources and Reference Material section.