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Apply the Porter 5 Forces model&2. Professional certification profiles

Category: Business

1. Apply the Porter 5 Forces model

a. Choose one of the following industries

i. Airline business (e.g., Southwest, Alaska, American, etc.)

ii. Online e?commerce (e.g., Amazon, Alibaba, Zappos, etc.)

iii. Consumer technology (e.g., Sony, Apple, Microsoft, etc.)

iv. Flower business (e.g., Conroy�s, 1800 Flowers, etc.)

b. Dedicate at least one page (single spaced, 10pt font) to each of the 5 forces

c. For each force, indicate the overall rating (high, medium, low)
i. The rating for a particular force should be supported by your write up

ii. For example, if the threat of new market entrants is HIGH, the write up would

emphasize the ease to which new players can enter the market and be competitive

four forces
d. Assign an overall rating for rivalry which should correspond with the ratings of the other
i. For rivalry, use a real world example of how firms in that industry display rivalry

(e.g., marketing campaigns, lawsuits, etc.)

e. Should be fully justified, single space, 10pt font. Please include references.

2. Professional certification profiles

a. Choose 3 of the following

b. Each profile should consist of the following


ii. CISA

iii. CISM


v. PMP

vi. CIPP

vii. ITIL

viii. CCSK

i. What is the certification?

ii. How do you get the certification?

iii. What types of careers require this certification?

c. Should be 1?2 pages, fully justified, single space, 10pt font. Please include references.