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General Guidelines:

Be creative. Pick a topic in your subject area or future career. Since you will be required to create tables, graphs, etc., make sure the topic area you choose has a certain amount of numeric or statistical content. You are allowed to make up information as needed to complete the documents. The topic area might be a unit of study for a particular course you might one day teach. Perhaps you are planning a big event at your school or business and you want to promote and educate the public. These are just a couple of examples.

All of the exercises you create should relate to the same topic area you are presenting or promoting.

Minimum Requirements:

Excel: Create and Save three original graphs (each must contain different spreadsheet content) of any kind that you could use to present information on your topic.
Create and Save a spreadsheet that could be used to help keep track of information, budgets, finances, and data, related to your selected topic. Include several columns with formulas and/or functions. Include Totals, Averages, Max, Min, SumIf, etc., (you choose how many of these.) The use of @If Statements or @Vlookup functions and tables are encouraged but not required.
Create and Save an Excel Database (like those we worked earlier in class – but make sure you have different column heads and information) that contains at least 12 records. Use the Sort, Filter, and Subtotal features to list various subgroups of this Excel Database — Save a minimum of five different files showing the results of these Sorts, Filters, and Subtotals.

Word: Create and Save at least two tables that could be used as handout information to your targeted audience. Each table should fill out at least half a page of paper.
Create and Save a newsletter with columns and graphics–the newsletter must fill up the front and back of one sheet of paper. An example might be a monthly or quarterly newsletter updating parents, customers, or others about what is going on in your classroom, school, or business. It could be like a weekly reader full of information you want your students to read and study or promotional info for a business.
Create Microsoft Word Form Letters for a minimum of eight records that illustrate how you might use this word processing feature. Include mailing address information as well as a couple of other fields that can be placed in the body of the letter. Save all files (data source, letter with the merge codes, final merged letters, mailing labels.)
Create an On-Line form that could be used to gather info about people or items related to your topic. Save the original Template as a file and then Save another copy that contains information typed into the Template as a different file name.

Access: Create and Save an Access database table that contains at least 10 records. Also, using this Access Table, Create and Save one attractive Form for these records as well as at least two attractive Reports. Finally, create and Save at least two meaningful Queries (one containing a calculated field).