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Animal Testing

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Animal Testing

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This essay is going to be rooted in your specific argument relating to your ethical issue. This argument must be focused on an in-depth analysis of the ethical issue. You must delve deeply into your argument in an effort to clearly show why this ethical issue is of vital importance in American society.

Guidelines for Essay Four:

• Your essay’s body paragraphs should provide the reader with a clear analysis of your opinion on the ethical issue, and they absolutely must provide details and examples from research that support your opinion. As part of your argument, you should account for other viewpoints that exist relating to the issue, and you should analyze any major changes or controversies that have taken place in the ethical issue.
# You can incorporate sections from your previous essays as long as they make organic sense in this essay. Avoid simply cutting and pasting your first three essays together. Pick and choose which information you use from the first three essays, and make sure to organize it and develop it in a logical fashion. If your essay is just your previous three jammed together, it will affect your grade negatively.
• Your essay must be arranged around an argument. That argument, developed in your introduction and stated in your thesis statement, should put forward an opinion on why your ethical issue is of vital importance in American society.

• Using chronological order in this essay is not acceptable. Your essay should be arranged on a point-by-point basis, isolating different aspects of your argument and providing details and support. Simply giving a quick timeline of events relating to your ethical issue is not sufficient for this essay.
• All factual information that is not common knowledge must come from a source.
• All sources must be properly documented. This includes ANY information that comes from ANY source, whether it is directly quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. Failure to accurately cite your sources in text and on the Works Cited page WILL result in a failing grade for plagiarism.
• Your essay should be a minimum of 2000 words, excluding the Works Cited page. If your essay is not 2000 words in length, you will receive a 0 on the assignment.
• All essays must be typed following MLA style requirements. They must be double spaced in Times New Roman font size 12. Margins should be set to one inch on all sides.
• You should center your title after the heading. It should give your reader a clear idea of not only what your topic is but also what your argument about that topic is.
• Your essay must incorporate a minimum of ten sources. All ten sources must be scholarly in nature. Talk to me if you need help identifying scholarly sources. Including non-scholarly sources will adversely affect your grade. You must include at least three peer-reviewed journal articles, * at least one primary source, at least on scholarly book, and at least one government document.

# = its important to use the information from the three researchers papers. I will upload the three researchers papers.
* = its important to use the resources for this researcher paper as its mention above.