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Analyzing 50 upregulated genes in pancreatic cancer

Category: Healthcare

analyzing 50 upregulated genes in pancreatic cancer

Paper details

please see the attachment.

analyzing 50 upregulated genes in pancreatic cancer

1- Introduction: will contain three parts:
(a) Statement of the Project: This part will give a clear definition of the thesis problem and goals. Basic terminology and background information may be included.
(b) Literature Review: This part is a review of the literature pertinent to the thesis problem. The historical development of the thesis topic should be developed. Also the current state of knowledge in the topic subject, including alternative and opposing theories as well as areas of uncertainty should be summarized.
(c) Rationale: is a justification of the thesis project. Here the student will convince readers that the thesis project is worth doing.

2- Materials and Methods: will include,
– Where appropriate
– The techniques
– Supplies
– Subject population
– Equipment and facilities that the students will use in answering their thesis question.
– A Research Protocol is a “plan of attack”. The specific research steps or experiments needed to answer the thesis question should be given in the proposed chronology.
– Alternative approaches and possible changes in the protocol to be triggered by initially obtained results should also be discussed. This section should also include a timetable for the completion of the project. The References should include all publications cited in the previous sections of the proposal.

The proposal outline

So, We basically analyze 50 upregulated genes in Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma we do it in alphabetic order.

please see the attachment.