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Analyze what makes a hero a hero for different cultures

Category: Essay Writing

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to analyze what makes a hero a hero for
different cultures. Why do these heroes appeal to their respective cultures? !
Grade Weight: 25% of your final grade !
Length: 1,000-1,500 words !
Format: Times New Roman, 12 point font, One-inch margins, Double-spaced (except
block quotations–see below). !

Due Date: Tuesday, November 25, by 11:59 p.m. to Turnitin. (Link available on our
Blackboard page.)
NOTE: For each day your paper is late, you will receive 10 points deduction. Any papers more
than three days late (submitted after Friday, November 28) will automatically receive a zero. If
Turnitin does not work when you try to submit your paper, please email me your paper. I will not
accept paper copies.
• Your paper MUST have a thesis that explains your argument regarding the
textual hero and the modern hero. Any paper without a thesis will not receive a
grade higher than D.

• Remember: You are not writing two separate papers; the overall paper must be
unified under a common argument regarding both the text and the modern work.
• Your paper MUST follow the required word count. Any paper submitted with
fewer than 1,000 words will not receive a grade higher than D.
• You may NOT use first (I, we, etc.) or second person (you) in this paper.
• You may NOT use any outside sources. The only possible sources for this paper
are the Norton Anthology of English Literature and Richard III.
• Remember that you are analyzing not summarizing the texts. Do not spend
several pages summarizing the texts. Consider why heroes are portrayed as they
are and what that reflects about past cultures and today’s culture. !!!
Alexandra Ferretti !
EN 205-011
Organization Recommendation:
1. Establish the values/characteristics of your chosen hero from one of our texts
this semester. Do NOT use vague one word adjectives like “brave.” The
values or characteristics of your hero must be concrete (for instance, explain
that Beowulf values treasure and why he values it) and supported by
quotations from the text.
2. Demonstrate how your modern hero demonstrates these characteristics. Be

specific! Use quotations from the film, television show, etc. and descriptions of
your hero’s actions. Make sure that you are analyzing HOW these quotations
and descriptions demonstrate the heroic values you established in the first part
of your paper.
3. Argue why your modern hero shows there characteristics and what that shows
about our society in comparison with the past society from the earlier text. !
Formatting Notes:
• Your paper MUST follow MLA format, including a Works Cited page and
parenthetical citations. Block quotations (if you use them) should be singlespaced.
You can find MLA format in the Hacker Handbook (A Writer’s Reference)
or the Purdue OWL online.
• You MUST use quotations from the original texts to support your argument.
However, do not over-quote (i.e., most of the paper is in your own words and any
quotations are used to support your argument).
• Parenthetical citations for plays are written in the following format: (Act, Scene,
Line number(s)). For example:
The Duchess of Malfi defiantly proclaims, “I am Duchess of Malfi still” (4.2.125).
Citations for plays with only scene and line numbers are written as (Scene, Line
number(s)). For example:
Mephastophilis in Doctor Faustus laments, “Why this is hell, nor am I out of
it” (3.76).