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An In-depth Look at Females in the Juvenile Justice System

Category: Essay Writing

The percentage of females in the juvenile justice system continues to rise at disturbing rates. In order to prevent females from becoming potential offenders and to rehabilitate current female offenders, it is critical that we understand why and how females commit crimes. This allows for more specific methodologies catered towards females to increase the effectiveness of the intervention. This research proposal will explore various reports to gain an in-depth understanding of how females get into these situations and how this population of delinquents is cared for. The research in this proposal will review various efforts throughout the United States that attempt to deter female adolescents from falling into the trap of recidivism and the best means to manipulate such intervention programs to make them more successful for this population of offenders.

Paper Guidance
The paper should explore (in no particular order) how females are handled in the juvenile justice system within the United States as compared to males, treatment and programs, prevention methods, effectiveness of the programs, some stats of females in the juvenile justice system, deterrent methods, potential theories/causes of why females commit crimes, most effective programs/methods for deterrence/prevention/treatment. You can change the title if you want to be something more specific about females in the juvenile justice system.

Sources: At least three citations must come from a professional journal, two from a book, and at least two Internet citations. Thus, a minimum of six different citations are required. Additional sources might include databases, encyclopedias, videos, newspapers, etc.