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American Government and Politics

Category: Essay Writing

Political Science 1: American Government and Politics
Assignment: Paper #2 (In-Depth Policy Paper)
Introduction: In paper #1 you did several things: You developed an understanding of an issue by researching it and writing about it, the history, the pros and cons, etc. You combined that into your analysis by bringing in concepts you have been learning for about the first half of the course, including democracy, inequality, corporations, interest groups, the executive, the legislative branch, state and federal issues, social movements, etc. In this way, you were orienting yourself to a new issue and new concepts so that you had a basic understanding of both individually and together.

Now, the idea is to go further. Based on your first paper, you will need to rewrite, re-draft, re-think and re-organize your paper. You have three options on how you will do that, but some of the requirements of this paper include:

• Length: 7-10 pages, double spaced (does not include bibliography)
• Sources: At least 10 sources (no Wikipedia). Use library databases first, google second
• Style: MLA or APA in-text citation and bibliography style please. Alternatively, you may use American Political Science Association style.
• Submission: by deadline
• Point value: 75 points
• You may use “I” but this is not really a personal essay.
• Grammar and Spelling: please get your drafts read, reviewed by others before submitting and keep the grammar and spelling errors to a minimum

With this framework in mind, here are the options you have:

Option 1 (preferred option):

In-depth treatment of selected aspect of your topic

In the course of writing or researching your first paper, you might’ve come across an aspect of your topic you found very interesting. This is your opportunity to really hone in and focus on that area of specialty of your paper. This might mean that you are bringing up some other associated ideas from paper #1 but the paper really should have a perspective and a singular focus.

Option #2: Revising paper #1 and adding in more sections to reflect additional concepts from course or from research

The purpose of this option is to make your first paper a much more polished, complete one. You can go into more depth into what you did the first time and add some sections to really provide a much more complete picture of your issue than you did in paper #1. This includes the sections of the text that we’ve been reading since paper #1 was assigned.