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Advertising and Media plan for Family Fun Amusement Park

Category: Essay Writing

Advertising and Media plan for Family Fun Amusement Park

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Advertising and Media plan – Your assignment is to prepare a advertising and media plan for the “Family Fun Amusement Park,” located near your community. It draws customers primarily from throughout your state, but also draws from neighboring states. The park features a wide variety of children rides and a petting zoo. The park recently purchased additional land containing a large pond. Construction is near completion for a water park and family campground using the pond and surrounding property. You will prepare a four-part plan: 1) market analysis—description of target market, product benefits with differentiating characteristics, a competitive analysis, and pricing strategy; 2) advertising analysis—description of advertising and product awareness goals, and projected budget; 3) media strategy—a description of the intended selection media vehicles that best match the target audience’s media preferences, along with a projected media scheduling plan; and 4) Describe the overall theme of the advertising message. Describe how you will use your chosen media to deliver the message you will create.